Monday, August 15, 2016

Feelings Follow our Thoughts

I really like this - Feelings are a compass indicating what is happening in our thought life.  Good feelings tell us our minds are being controlled by positive thoughts.  
Bad feelings tell us the opposite. Thoughts determine feelings. The good news is that we can choose to think anything we choose, and our emotions will follow suite.  
We are in charge of how we focus our thoughts. Some will say, "That's not true. I often have random negative thoughts."  True enough.  But we can choose to decentralize these negative thoughts.
"Undesired thoughts are like birds that fly through our minds — don't try to prevent them from coming — just don't allow them to build a nest and stay! Keep them moving and learn to quickly replace them with desired thoughts.”

P.S. For Christ Followers --->

When we practice NOT letting negative thoughts "make a nest", it's really an act of obedience, which aligns us with God --- that's our daily assignment --- Stay in Alignment --- He'll take it from there !

"That's Dope"!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Allow God to Stir Your Heart

The goal is to HONOR GOD in your marriage relationship.  God wants you to honor Him by loving and respecting your spouse.  If your spouse's behaviors do not kindle the desire in your heart to offer love, then ask the Lord to stir up in you the desire to love your spouse like he does.  Offer yourself as a vessel unto the Lord so that God can love your spouse through your thoughts, attitude and actions.
When your husband or wife looks at you, reflect back to him or her the magnificent creation that God made them to be.  You will reap what you sow.  Patti

Galatians 6:7-9 (ERV)

If you think you can fool God, you are only fooling yourselves. You will harvest what you plant. If you live to satisfy your sinful self, the harvest you will get from that will be eternal death. But if you live to please the Spirit, your harvest from the Spirit will be eternal life. We must not get tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time. We must not give up.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

David says ATTITUDE makes a difference...

There are many things in life about which we have no choice . . . our parents, our genetics code, the weather, the era in which we live, etc...  
We have little to no control over the global economics or the accidents and diseases and disasters that may come our way. 
HOWEVER we CAN control is our daily attitude and our responses to the things, good and bad, that come our way. 
There is an old saying that states . . . everything that happens either makes us bitter or better. By learning to control our attitude, which effects
our responses to the good, the bad, and the ugly things in life, WE determine whether we end up Bitter or Better !!!

This is NOT a NATURAL habit for us humans, so the SOONER WE START the process of disciplining ourselves to manage our own attitudes 
and responses, the BETTER!